“Mr. Leclerc, we have just concluded a second rental of a quadruplex that we own. Your professional ethics, your skills and your overall customer service reassured us throughout the process. We are more than satisfied with the tenants you have presented to us. Thanks again and see you next…who knows! ». Carole Lefebvre

Carole Lefebvre
Ahuntsic, Montréal

"Buying your first home is exciting but also very stressful.It is then necessary to be sure to find the right person, who will accompany us throughout theprocess and that's what Mr. Leclerc has done with me and my family.He was more than available, he found answers to all my questions and he was able to help me with goodway as the first buyer.I recommend it to all customers, both new buyers and buyers of experiences.Mr Leclerc will make you feel at home from the first moment.We are a family more than satisfied with his services.Thank you Mr. Leclerc!Soshanna Carey "

Soshanna Carey

Mr. Stéphane Leclerc, real estate broker, has shown great professionalism when selling our property.He knew how to listen to our needs and was very available. During the period of the sale, his many advices allowed us a strategic planning. I am sure this has contributed to the smooth process and the speed of the sale.I recommend it to anyone who requires good service.Louise Malric

Louise Malric

Mr. Leclerc sold me a condo recently. He was very professional and courteous. I recommend without hesitation David Dasilva

David Da Silva

Hello Stéphane, I would like to thank you for all the work done to put this apartment on the market. The sale was concluded in a very short time and at a price beyond my expectations.Thank you,Johanne Turbide

Johanne Turbide

Mr. Leclerc, I want to thank you for concluding the sale of my condo according to my goals. You have been aware of my concerns and have been able to secure me adequately. Thank you for your professionalism and good continuity with many beautiful challenges. Cėline Proulx

Céline Poulx

I write these few words to thank our broker for his excellent service. He advised us until the end on allhomes we wanted to visit and believe me he had a lot! He accompanied us until the last minute ofprocess. Thanks to him, all of this went well and we are happy today to have our first home.I recommend it to all those who wish to acquire or sell without problems.Jessica and Alexander

Jessica Sercia

I would like to emphasize my satisfaction for the excellent management performed by Mr. Stephane Leclerc,real estate broker, when placing my condo sale.I really appreciated his diligence, his availability, his good advice, and especiallyhis ability to negotiate, to iron out difficulties to the satisfaction of both parties.He spared no effort in the preparation of the sale of the condountil the actual signing of the sale, about three months later.I thank him for his invaluable support and unwavering presence.Therese Aquilina

Mme Thérèse Aquilina

'' Stephen,We would like to thank you for the excellent service you have given us.Throughout this adventure, you have demonstrated your patience, your professionalism, your availability andespecially your kindness. You were present for each visit, and for each of them, you prepared us afile with all the necessary information about the house visited. You listened and took note of ourcomments whether negative or positive to find this house.Today, we are in our new home, so thank you very much!Ilona, Maud and Fabrice ''

Maud Carliano
Greenfield Park

I asked Mr. Leclerc to find a property for my parents. I have been very happyto learn that he has been very attentive to their requests, patient and he has advised them so that they can buy a superb condo that perfectly fits their needs. I would recommend Mr. Leclerc with great pleasure to all those who wish to find a property for their parents.A big thank-you!D.Michaud,Belleville, On ''

Dan Michaud

Hello Stéphane,I wanted to thank you for the good services you gave usthroughout the process of selling my mother's house. you havedemonstrates openness, respect and understanding towards my motherand his situation. You've always been honest about the realitiesof the market and the value of his house, while knowing how tovalue the positives she had. You guided us well andassisted in all stages of evaluation and enhancement of theproperty. You also showed respect and understanding towardsbuyers and thus kept a good relationship with them. Youhave also managed to stay the course despite some small clashes ofcourse, and thus bring us to conclude the sale with thesatisfaction, I think, of both parties.So thank you again for everything, and I will not hesitate to recommend you toany other owner (present or potential) looking for aagent.L.Piché¨